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Who This Career is For?
A career as a chess player is for those people who have an innate passion for the game of chess. Moreover, a player must the ability to make quick decisions and think ahead. If you’re one of those people whose idea of a day off would be playing chess on the computer or with a friend, this is the perfect career choice for you.
Want to know more about it?
A career as a chess player involves participating in ladder-structured tournaments with one-on-one competitions with other chess players on the classic game of chess. The work remains largely on a freelance basis, but some may actually choose to use their knowledge about the game of chess to get occupations in related fields. Many teach chess at schools and colleges, while others write for chess related websites and blogs.

While it is difficult to suggest the best route to take in this career, the most desirable route sought by most young players is to participate at entry level tournaments, and try to use positive results to gain sponsor ships for the higher level tournaments, which require large deposits.

Many chess players play chess, but depend on it as only a secondary source of income. They may participate in chess tournaments merely as a hobby, as a means of secondary income or even a means of primary income.

One may want to be vary of gambling regulations that may curtail legal chess tournaments. Some countries do not allow tournaments where players are required to pay an entry fee, but prize money is permitted. Information can be found online about regulations in different countries.
A chess player should get registered by their national boards, specially if they are affiliated with the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) or World Chess Foundation – which is responsible for ranking players from all over the world, among many other things.

There are no necessary qualifications for a career as a chess player.
What are Salary Prospects?
It remains difficult to quantify the amount that chess players make. Their salaries depend on a large number of factors, including the number of tournaments they participate in, their chess ranking, their fame along with whether they have a corporate sponsorship or not.

In India, in particular, local tournaments are limited in number and the prize money is usually quite limited. One cannot depend on these tournaments for their primary income. International travel would increase income, but it is rare for a chess player to secure sponsorships for funding their travel and accommodation, They often end up spending more money on these trips than they can earn from the prize money of the tournaments.
How is Life?
Day to day life as a

chess player

can be rather dry, as work is only available when there is an ongoing tournament which you are participating in. However, there are often international tournaments which require involve a lot of traveling. As a professional, you must know how to deal with other players and more importantly, the sports media.

While many find the game of chess a monotonous career path, If you have a passion for it, you are bound to stay excited.Work may be on a freelance or sponsorship basis. You may be required to play tournaments on the internet with players from all across the world. Constant interaction with tournament organizers is often required, to ensure that you participate In all major tournaments that occur in the calendar year.
What Perks come along with this career?
There is nothing quite like having a job that is also your hobby, except maybe a career as a chess player. The biggest perk in most cases is that the professional is actually doing something he or she loves while working.

Besides this intense level of job satisfaction, chess players have flexible hours and they can generally choose when to work and when not to work. The job entails a lot of traveling to unique destinations all over the world.
Which Downsides are there in this career?
Unless you are one of the best chess players in your region, you are unlikely to make a lot of money, and the possibility of experiencing financial difficulties is rather high. You are often required to pay high entry fees to enter the more lucrative tournaments, and if you have to cover the fees of traveling to international tournaments yourself, including airfares and accommodation.

Progression opportunities are limited, and opportunities in most parts of the world remain limited. Unless you can get a sponsorship or an alternate job related to chess, you are only able to work in the freelance form and opportunities to earn money may not come by as regularly as one would hope.
How is Competition?
Like all careers that draw upon hobbies of a large number of people, competition in the world of chess is very fierce. There are a lot of people competing in tournaments at entry level, and until you get settled in and get a high rating, you will constantly face intense competition.You should keep in mind that professional and internationally acclaimed chess players get free entry into the lower level tournaments, and their participation often reduces the chance of lower level players to win these tournaments.
Locations where this career is good?
The best places in the world to play chess are USA and the EU. There is no particular sub region within these areas that offers a distinct advantage, and prospects do not vary too much within these regions. All over India, there is no particular scope for professional chess. There are several tournaments available online that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided you have a credit card.

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